TakeMe2 Lincolnville, Maine!

Welcome to Lincolnville: The Heart and Soul of the Maine Coast!

Listen. . . do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? You can still have the real Maine vacation experience — the lobster, pristine ocean water, world class sailing, arts and culture, farm-to table dining, craft brews and wines, shopping, and virtually every outdoor activity (from sun to snow) known to man — without the typical touristy trappings and high cost of admission. Guesses? Camden you say? No . . . but close! Rockland maybe? Close again! Bar Harbor? No.  . . .  Give up?

Lincolnville. That’s right, Lincolnville, Maine is the small coastal town with a big, big heart that has everything you’re looking for when you imagine the fun and beauty of a real Maine vacation getaway – and then some.

To be fair, it's not a complete secret. Outside Magazine named Lincolnville as “One Of The 20 Best Towns To Live In” and some well-known Hollywood celebrities, musicians, and artists call this town (and the neighboring island of Islesboro) home. It's home to a creative group of modern day pioneers in the rapidly growing organic foods and sustainable agriculture movement as well as a collection of artisans producing some of the world’s finest and most sophisticated paintings, furniture and home furnishings. These talented people who could live anywhere (and many have) choose to live here for its quality of life, natural beauty and nonstop inspiration. And so the question is, if it is good enough for this extraordinary group of people to settle here, why wouldn’t you want to visit Lincolnville and see it for yourself?

With these accolades and endorsements, you might think that this Midcoast Maine village is impossible to visit without the crowds and jaw-dropping price tags. The reality is that Lincolnville is a real place, with real people, and a real local flavor that offers the savvy traveler so much more than a souvenir T-shirt. Simply put, Lincolnville’s authenticity, style – and soul – are hard to match and impossible not to fall in love with.

Here’s a short list of Lincolnville’s “must-see / must-do” attractions and activities:

  Windjamming: From a lunch picnic sail to a 5-day cruise, these historic vessels will show you how Maine should be seen. Many new Maine Windjammer Cruises’ have been added with amazing sailing trips on Penobscot Bay leaving right out of Lincolnville.

  Camden Hills State Park: Amazingly, 75% of this breathtaking park is actually in Lincolnville (with 5,700 acres of wooded hills and an 800-foot summit that treats visitors to sweeping views of Penobscot Bay).

  A liquid fun playground like no other: From water activities like stand up paddle boarding, to outdoor hiking and biking adventures, to fishing, to lighthouse exploration – you set your own course here.

  Dining: Lobster, anyway you want it – from fancy dinners to beach lobster bakes. Even the Harbor Master plays a part and sells his daily catch from his house. The telltale sign you’ve come to the right place? Look for the lobster sign and buoy tree.

  Day trips & shopping: Lincolnville is a hop and skip away from Rockland’s arts district, to Acadia National Park and whale watching in Bar Harbor, to the fabulous Belfast Co-op and to Camden and its bustling downtown and harbor scene.

  Blues and lobster: Plan your trip right and experience these amazing summer festivals in Rockland: the North Atlantic Blues Festival and the Lobster Festival at Rockland’s Harbor Park!

  Scrumptious culinary creations: from locally grown organic hops and blueberries, to farm-cultivated grains, to farm-to-table dinner events, and to cooking classes at the Saltwater Farm Cooking School and Cellardoor Winery.

Plus... a few more Lincolnville exclusives:

  Beverages that deserve a toast: Cellardoor Winery ‘s signature collection of fine wines and Andrews Brewing Company’s English style beers and pale ales offer a genuine taste of local flavors.

  Swan Island Blankets: This local artisan is pretty famous. First Lady Michelle Obama presented their Shamrock Green Throw to the Irish Delegation on St. Patrick's Day 2009 and Martha Stewart called their handmade wool blankets "must-haves."

  Islesboro Island: Known for its legendary camping spot on Warren Island State Park (only accessed by boat) and relaxing day trips, this small well-known island community (and summer home to John Travolta and Kirstie Alley) is accessible via the Islesboro Ferry, departing right from the Lincolnville terminal.

  The Blueberry Wing-Ding and the Strawberry Festival: Need we say more about these berry delicious local events?

  Camp Tanglewood and Blueberry Cove: Beautiful spots with an important purpose, these sites are home to some important educational and environmental learning programs for kids and adults.

Ready to experience Lincolnville for yourself?

This VIP pass to off-the-beaten-path Lincolnville grants you year-round access to the true Maine experience you’ve always dreamt about. And after your trip, it’s OK if you can’t keep this little secret to all to yourself. It’s simply too good not to share.

Lincolnville by the numbers

  Population: 2,000

  Area: 43.7 sq. miles of which 75% forested.

  Lakes and Ponds: 6 lakes and ponds with a total surface coverage of 6.4 sq. miles or 14.5% of total town area.

  Camden Hills State Park: 3/4ths of the state park is in Lincolnville, which occupies 25% of our town. The total area of the park is 6,133 sq. acres and has 30 miles of hiking trails. Its highest point is Mt Battie at 800' above sea level. Accessible on 'foot or by car, the lookout is divine on a clear day.

  Roads: 60 miles of state and municipal roads

  School: Lincolnville Central School: K to 8 was constructed in 2001 and is home to 200 students.

  Ocean Frontage: The town has approximately 6 miles of Atlantic Ocean frontage as well as a town pier that is home to its own lobster fishing fleet.

  Popular Attractions: A day trip to Bar Harbor and the popular Acadia National Park are little over an hour drive away.