TakeMe2 Lincolnville, Maine!

Saltwater and Fresh Water Fishing in Lincolnville

Lincolnville, Maine is home to an abundant number of excellent fishing spots on lakes and ocean waters throughout the region. So many great destinations in this small Midcoast town that you may have trouble deciding on a favorite!

Look at this round up of the bodies of water here:

Lakes: 645
Rivers/Streams: 1,015
Reservoirs: 278
Others: 1,930
All: 3,868

This is just as impressive as the list of fish that swim in these waters in this town: Largemouth Bass, Pickerel, White Perch, Yellow Perch, Atlantic salmon, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, and Brook Trout.

Are you ready to pack up your tackle and rods? Here are some spots worthy of your consideration:

Ducktrap River

Lincolnville, ME

Not only is this one of the prettiest spots in Lincolnville, it’s also one of a handful of streams that hosts the Atlantic salmon ("the King of game fish") in the fall. A fishing license is required. There are special fishing regulations to protect the salmon and native Brook Trout so make sure that you touch base with the local Fish and Wildlife department on the latest rules and public accessibility.

Ducktrap River Preserve

Lincolnville, ME

Ducktrap River Preserve is obviously connected to the Ducktrap River, but here are a little more details on this specific – and important – place.

This spot boasts 1,135 acres of land with 29,406 feet of frontage along the Ducktrap River. The actual preserve begins down river from Briggs Meadow and extends to the northwestern boundary of Tanglewood along Black Brook. Route 52 separates the Preserve into two blocks – at 500 acres apiece: Upper Ducktrap River Preserve (land to the west) and Lower Ducktrap River Preserve (land to the east).

The property (with the exception of 1 acre owned by the state) is owned and managed by Coastal Mountains Land Trust – with a second layer of a conservation easement held by Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

The Ducktrap River Preserve has some primary purposes: protect the riparian buffer along the Ducktrap River and its primary tributaries for water quality, provide corridors for a diverse array of species, and maintain a high quality habitat for the Atlantic salmon.

Again, make sure to get in touch with the state on the latest fishing rules and regs.

Ducktrap Harbor

This public accessed land requires a fishing license and complies with the Maine Fish & Wildlife regulations. The bay is located just 1.3 miles from Lincolnville.

Haddock Ledge

Located just 1 mile from Lincolnville, this public bay requires a fishing license and complies with the Maine Fish & Wildlife regulations.

Frohock Brook Fishing

This beautiful spot and stream are publically accessible, just .2 miles from Lincolnville. This fishing destination requires a fishing license and complies with the Maine Fish & Wildlife regulations.

Levenseller Pond

If you love Largemouth Bass or White Perch, this spot is for you. Nestled right in Lincolnville, this pond area covers 35 acres and is located next to route 173. Historically, the pond contained a large population of slow growing White Perch; anglers under-utilized this opportunity.

Even more fishing opportunities…

The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife stocked the waters with 203 adult Largemouth Bass in 1997 and 1998. Pumpkinseed Sunfish and crayfish were also introduced in summer of 1998 – a forage base for bass. As a result of natural reproduction in the pond, the department started to see Largemouth Bass fry. Levenseller Pond should maintain a good bass fishery with the proper regulations in place.

Today, this easily accessible prime fishing spot is also called a typical “put-and-take” winter fishery. What does that mean? The state of Maine stocks Brook Trout into these waters in late fall, knowing that none will survive to the next fall. Simply, the summer water temperatures become too warm for the trout to survive and the pond only has a maximum depth of 10 feet.

You may also come across Chain Pickerel and American eel here. This fishing destination requires a fishing license and complies with the Maine Fish & Wildlife regulations.

Levenseller Pond is also a fantastic swimming hole, and prohibits the use of motorboats.

Fishing Regulations

State of Maine; Fishing Regulations:

Fishing Licenses:

As you can see with all these spots, you’ll need to be in compliance when you fish on the Lincolnville waters. For the latest regulations, including fishing license information, please refer to the provided websites, or call the state directly for more specific information.

Lastly, please enjoy your time fishing here – and take plenty of pictures of your impressive catches. These are great bragging rights (ahem, documentation) of your time in Lincolnville!