TakeMe2 Lincolnville, Maine!

Maine at its Finest is Maine on the Water

Welcome to Lincolnville, the only community from the Canadian Border to the State of Florida where U.S. Route 1 touches the Atlantic Ocean. From here, you can look out across a glistening Penobscot Bay and see a myriad of islands set against a brilliant blue sky; each ready for your exploration. Without the crowds and hustle and bustle of other tourist-filled towns and waters, this is the place where you can experience Maine at its finest; on the water. And here in Lincolnville, you can choose to sail or paddle on lake or ocean waters to suit your tastes and abilities. And no matter which vessel you prefer, from a SUP or a kayak to a Boston Whaler or a century-old windjamming schooner, hop aboard; it’s time for an adventure!

Maine Windjammer Cruises

Are you ready for an ocean adventure aboard a century-old sailing ship? Do you want to experience the one of the most genuine traditional sailing experiences available today? Maybe you just want to enjoy the serenity and camaraderie of a simpler time. If so, all you need to do is book passage with Captain Ray and his mates today.

Captain Ray Williamson is well-known on Maine’s waters. Some say he has the salt water in his veins, tracing his ancestry back to deep-water square rig captains and successful shipbuilders in England and Scotland of the late 1800's. Already a licensed mariner, Ray quickly moved up the ranks to captain, first on the Schooner Mistress, then on the Mercantile. Then, in 1986, the Williamson family purchased Maine Windjammer Cruises. This also has deep historical roots. Maine Windjammer Cruises are the registered trademark for the first and oldest fleet of historic vessels offering sailing vacations in America – established back in 1936. The Grace Bailey & Mercantile authentic turn-of-the-century coastal cargo schooners – now restored – are recognized as National Landmarks.

Maine Windjammer Cruises just added Summertime (a 53-foot pinky schooner) to its fleet in June 2014 – now making trips right from Lincolnville Beach! Whether you choose a short picnic lunch sail or an overnight trip, you’ll be certain to get VIP access to Penobscot Bay!

The small family-run business says it “has given tens of thousands the opportunity to enjoy the romance of sailing on a tall ship.” What’s better than that?

Schedules, schooner details and pictures, and special events are all listed on their website.

For a more in-depth profile, please check out our Sailing article!

Maine Windjammer Cruises

P.O. Box 617, Camden, Maine 04843

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Summertime schooner reservations*:

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*Bookings for the shorter trips may also be made at the kiosk on Lincolnville Beach if space is available

Lincolnville Boat Club

Have you ever dreamt about setting a course and sailing your own boat? Lincolnville Boat Club can help make your dream a reality with its educational sailing courses for adults, young adults, and families.

Several community members established the LBC back in 2006. After the purchase of seven Vanguard 420s from Boston, the club officially set sail. The first season in 2007 kicked off with a handful of small, individualized classes. Participation in these classes continues to soar – fulfilling both the students and the staff.

With a primary venue on the calm, warm waters of Norton Pond, LBC sets the stage for everyone (young and old) to learn how to sail. They offer a range of small classes from introductory sailing on the pond to ocean sailing. The staff is enthusiastic and prides themselves on the fact that they get students sailing from their first day through the last. Customers also enjoy conveniently scheduled classes (including some evenings) and fair competitive pricing.

Youth sailing programs

The Lincolnville Boat Club runs a summer youth sailing program, holding classes Monday through Friday. Students sail on the warm waters of Norton Pond in Lincolnville, using Vanguard 420s, Optimist dinghies, and Lasers - all ideal for learning and advancing sailing capabilities. Students also get a chance to learn how to row with new rowboats, and have access to indoor clubhouse learning activities when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Half-day beginner and intermediate courses are available, as is an all-day advanced class – where kids spend most of the day developing higher level sailing or racing skills. And, there is an all-day class open to any youth of any skill level, focusing on sailing, boating, and learning about the water: making a compass, charting a course, tying knots, or understanding marine life.

Adult programs

Here, adults can learn or advance their sailing and boating capabilities – or just have a blast on the water. Vanguard 420s, Lasers, kayaks, and paddleboards (with all necessary equipment like lifejackets) are all provided. There is also a dock and swimming area located at the launching site.

All information, including the calendar and other happenings, are on their website.

Lincolnville Boat Club

P.O. Box 305
Lincolnville, Maine 04849


Ducktrap Kayak

This is where the water truly becomes your playground. Ducktrap Kayak gives you the toys you need to enjoy it.

If you’ve been dreaming of stand-up paddleboards, you’re in luck. This sport had the most first-time participants of any sporting activity in the United States in 2013 - at least according to some reports. Regardless of statistics, this sport is simply awesome. You stand up on your board and glide across the water, often using tail winds to keep you going. Not only is it a great workout, it’s also one of the most serene and beautiful ways to experience the lake and ocean here in Lincolnville. You may even hear the cry of the loon on your morning paddle – with no other sounds to be heard – and no other person in sight. It’s just you, the water, and the board.

In addition to paddleboards, Ducktrap Kayak rents recreational kayaks (single and double), sea kayak rentals (single and double), and kids kayaks. They also sell kayaks and accessories and offer tours and lessons. They deliver, too.

With 20 years of experience, Ducktrap Kayak is all about personal communication. They recommend that you visit them in the showroom or give them a call to make sure you get the best boats and boards for you.

Ducktrap Kayak

2175 Atlantic Hwy
Lincolnville, ME, 04849


Kalliste Yacht Services

If you have a yacht here in Maine, whether you are a year-round resident, or just a summer guest, you can look to Kalliste Yacht Services LLC for full service boat care from stem to stern, storage to mooring. This company offers systems and rigging, finishes & maintenance services – but their specialty is in keeping your vessel in top condition within indoor secure storage at reasonable rates. Prices and information are included on their website, but it’s best to call them or email them directly to discuss specific plans.

Kalliste Yacht Services LLC

7 Tanglewood Rd.
Lincolnville, Maine 04849

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Lincolnville Beach

Of course if you want to get IN the water, what could be a better place to spend a sunny summer day than a nice sandy beach? Located directly on U.S. Route 1, it’s impossible to miss by car. The other impossible-to-miss landmark? Cannons, put here during the war of 1812.

The view is hard to beat – surrounded by lakes, mountains, and Penobscot Bay. Water sports such as fishing, kayaking, and boating are extremely popular here – with access to a 325-mile waterway that is the link between the coast and 48 nearby islands.

The beach offers a long strip of sand, with gradual water depths - perfect for swimming and wading into the Atlantic. This sandbar also overlooks the island of Islesboro. You can actually hop right on the ferry at Lincolnville Beach and enjoy the short 30-minute boat jaunt to this great little island - a perfect mini daytrip.

If you visit Lincolnville Beach, make a day of it with sandwiches and chips on the sand, your toes in the water. Even better, there are a variety of restaurants, stores, and shops with everything from fish and chips, lobster rolls, pizza and ice-cold beers within easy-peazy walking distance of your beach blanket.

Sometimes, we all just need a beach day. Or, a beach week, if it’s in Lincolnville.